Distributing Netball to the World

Explore how SPORTFIVE work with World Netball to distribute Netball to the world

Working with World Netball as their primary media distributor, SPORTFIVE are responsible for the management, marketing and distribution of the rightsholder's media content. By developing a core media strategy, inline with World Netball’s vision, SPORTFIVE managed all global media distribution for the 2019 and 2023 Netball World Cups.


Netball is one of the world's most thrilling sports. There are over 20 million people playing Netball in 117 countries, across five regions: Africa, Asia, Americas, Europe and Oceania.

SPORTFIVE were tasked to develop a media distribution strategy which helps grow the sport of Netball, across the world.

As well as helping the sport progress, SPORTFIVE were also set the target of increasing the global exposure of the Netball World Cup in developing and growth markets. 


SPORTFIVE have implemented a multi-layered strategy, which targets core markets with a strong existing Netball audience, such as Australia, New Zealand and the UK, as well as identifying and reaching key growth markets, such as the Caribbean. 

Through targeting key growth markets, we increase global exposure of the sport by consultive innovative solutions which embrace a digital audience through a focus on visibility and news within Netball.

Our dedicated Media team, work with World Netball to develop a media distribution strategy with the aim of increasing the overall exposure of the sport, whilst also increasing World Netball’s value on a global scale. 

“The team at SPORTFIVE provides round-the-clock support, and truly takes the time to understand our goals and ambitions as a business.”

Clare Briegal, CEO, World Netball


Following the most successful edition of the tournament in 2019, which saw viewership records smashed around the globe, Netball World Cup 2023 once again surpassed all expectations in delivering the biggest Live TV Audience of any Netball World Cup to date. 

The tournament, held in Cape Town, South Africa, reached a live linear TV audience of 14.9 million, more than double that of the 2019 edition in Liverpool, United Kingdom. 

Netball World Cup 2023 also saw World Netball deliver on their mission to expand the sport’s global reach and impact, as it became the first edition of the tournament to be hosted in Africa. This decision reaped great reward as the continent accounted for 78% of Netball World Cup 2023’s overall dedicated TV viewership.

+42 Million

Total viewership of Netball World Cup 2023

  • + 3.2 B

    Impressions across social media

  • + 72 %

    Increase in linear TV coverage - 817 hours (2019) vs 1,409 hours (2023)

  • + 104 %

    Increase in live tv audience - 7.3M (2019) vs 14.9M (2023)

“SPORTFIVE has been vital in ensuring that the 2023 Netball World Cup is disseminated to markets across the globe allowing more people to watch the games and subsequently increase World Netball's reach and impact.”

Clare Briegal, CEO, World Netball

What's in it for you?

Sport is one of the few constructs in the world that has the potential to universally unite people and effect change. One of the most critical parts of realising this potential is exposure.

Growth through visibility

Through extensive global sales power and a regional footprint in key markets across Africa, Asia, Europe and The Americas, SPORTIVE’s Media Team are experts in delivering rightsholder growth through visibility. 

Working with over 315 broadcast partners to deliver more than 250 events each year, SPORTFIVE’s Media Services include content production, live production, media rights sales and original content distribution. 

If you want to learn more about using the power of global reach to grow your sport, please reach out to [email protected]

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